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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  This page is under revision due to a newer version of TMAT.  Many new features have been added and others combined so that TMAT is even easier to use.  We have also increased the accuracy of trade entries and exits when using Full-Auto mode.  Check back later and take a look at the new TMAT!

TradersMojo Automated Trading (TMAT) is an easy-to-use and customizable automated trading add-on for NinjaTrader.  TMAT was designed from the beginning to be the easiest to use, most full-featured, and least expensive automated trading strategy available.  TMAT offers ready to use Black Box and user customizable Gray Box automated trading with user configurable risk management.

TMAT1 is our Gray Box user customizable automated trading strategy.  Simply configure it by turning on/off which trade triggers you want to use for a trade session and configure your risk management settings, then enable it on a chart.

TMAT2 includes TMAT1 features as well as a set of built-in Black Box scalping trade triggers.  So TMAT2 enables you to use our Gray Box trade triggers or select our Black Box scalping trade triggers at the beginning or your trade session.

TMAT-C includes TMAT1 features as well as YOUR TRADE TRIGGERS!  That's right, send us your trade triggers or describe to us how you want your trade triggers to work, and we will add them to the TMAT framework.  There is a reasonable additional fee for this service.

No need to pay hundreds of dollars per month for complicated automated strategies that take huge drawdowns in an attempt to yield a winning trade.  Just use TMAT and custom configure your trading session in about 2 minutes, it is that easy.  You can choose the trade triggers you want to use, configure multiple risk management options, set your profit goal, loss limit, etc.  If you think the market is trending up, set TMAT to buy the trend.  If you think the trend is up but only want to buy on pullbacks; configure TMAT to do it via a simple user interface.

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For TMAT-C, click here to submit your custom trade trigger code and/or trade trigger description.  We will call you to discuss, consult, and arrange payment.

With the TMAT Configuration Menu, you can set your trade bias and stick to your trade plan.

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TMAT Configuration Menu
Set your trade session "Start and Stop Time".
Enter your "Profit Goal" and "Loss Limit".
Select "Advise Only" mode if you only want TMAT to advise you on market trending conditions.  In this mode TMAT will not execute trades.
Trade with Black Box trade triggers by selecting "Trade Full-Auto".
Use "Trade Control" to fine-tune TMAT to match your trend trading style.
Select your favorite trade triggers, Breakouts, Trend, Pull-Backs, etc.
Enter your per trade "Profit Target" and "Stop Loss".
Set your "Risk Management Options".
Configure "Warnings and Notifications".

Total time to configure TMAT is typically less than 2 minutes per trading session.  Keep in mind that you can save your settings for future use and easily cut that time in half.

TMAT Configuration Menu Options

If enabled the TMAT strategy WILL NOT TRADE, it will only inform you of the short-term trend (bottom right of the chart).

Trade Full-Auto (GLOBAL SETTING):
Available in TMAT2, the Trade Full-Auto setting is a GLOBAL SETTING and enables the Black Box trade triggers.  You can still set trade frequency via "Trade Control", also "Profit Goal and Loss Limit" and "Profit Target and Stop Loss" settings.  These Black Box trade triggers are used to scalp the market so keep your "Profit Target and Stop Loss" settings tight.  We suggest you enable TMAT "Trade Full-Auto" in Simulation Mode first so you can see how it trades.

Trade Control:
Trade Frequency.  Can be set to Slow, Medium, or Fast.
Trend Strength (aka Chop Filter).  Can be set to 1 through 10.  The higher the number, the stronger the trend must be before TMAT trades.

Trade Long.  Enables TMAT to submit buy orders.
Trade Short.  Enables TMAT to submit sell orders.

With regard to the "Trade Long" and "Trade Short" settings, you must select one or both.

Trade Triggers:
Trade Breakouts.  Buy or Sell when an identifiable upward or downward Breakout occurs.
Trade Trend.  Buy or Sell when an identifiable Trend is present. If the contract is Trending, trade the trend.
Trade Pull-Backs.  Buy pullbacks if possible when the trend is up.
Push-Ups.  Sell pushups if possible when the trend is down.
Average-in Smart Auto.  TMAT will average-in to bring down your cost basis, but only if the trade trigger is still valid.
Average-in.  TMAT will average-in to bring down your cost basis, but only if the user defined amount of drawdown is met.
Average-in Ticks.  The user specified amount of drawdown before "Average-In" is triggered.

Risk Management Features:

Set your Profit Goal for the trading session.  If TMAT meets or exceeds your goal, it will shut-off.
Set your Loss Limit for the trading session.  If TMAT meets or exceeds your limit, it will shut-off.
Set the number of Consecutive Losing Trades you are willing to accept and TMAT will shut-off if the number you entered is met or exceeded.
Set the number of Losing Trades (need not be consecutive) and TMAT will shut-off if the number you entered is met or exceeded.
Stop Loss Smart Auto (optional setting).  TMAT will close a position before your stop-loss order is hit if the trade looks hopeless.
Use Trailing Stops.  Activate a four step trailing stop.
And more...

You can also manually override any open TMAT positions from the NinjaTrader SuperDOM.  Simply click and drop the active "Target Order" onto the Bid or Ask price; drop it onto the Bid price if trying to close a long position or drop it onto the Ask price if trying to close a short position.

TMAT Alerts and "Warnings and Notifications" (user configurable):
If TMAT meets or exceeds your "Profit Goal", it will email you and/or post to your Twitter page.
If TMAT meets or exceeds your "Loss Limit", it will email you and/or post to your Twitter page.
Displayed strategy information is color coded on the chart so you can see at a glance how TMAT is doing, even from across the room.
Audio alerts will sound when and while a position is open, if desired.
Receive email alerts anytime a position is opened or closed, along with your Current PnL.
Receive email alerts if your Profit Goal or Loss Limit is met or exceeded.
Potential Loss Warning.  This is a configurable alarm, both audible and visual.  TMAT will alert you if an open position is taking heat.
Text alerts regarding pivot points and Open, Close, and High of Day price levels are posted to the NinjaTrader Output window.
And more...

From the strategy configuration screen, simply select the alerts you wish to receive.

TMAT includes an Override Toolbar!

The TMAT Override Toolbar enables you to manually override the TMAT strategy with ease.  With this feature you can gracefully takeover and manage a trade or close a trade whenever you want.
Turn Trade Triggers ON or OFF.  After enabling TMAT on a chart the trade triggers will be OFF by default.  You can turn trade triggers ON or OFF whenever you want by simply clicking this button.
Turn the Chop Filter ON or OFF.  The chop filter is a special feature that helps TMAT avoid volatile market conditions that lack momentum.
Turn Leading Profit Targets (LPTs) ON or OFF.  If you really like an active automated trade and want to let it run, simply click this button to turn LPTs ON.  TMAT will then automatically adjust the profit target higher or lower according to the strength of the trend.  It will also attempt to take profit at an extreme overbought or oversold level, if long or short respectively.
Force LONG:  Click and TMAT will take a long position if the strategy is currently short or flat.
Force SHORT:  Click and TMAT will take a short position if the strategy is currently long or flat.
Force CLOSE:  Click and TMAT will exit long or short TMAT positions.

TMAT Enabled on a chart
See important strategy information on one screen via the chart.
TMAT displays current profit or loss (PnL).
Position Long, Short, or Flat, along with position size.
If Long or Short, TMAT displays real-time Unrealized PnL.
The short-term trend of the contract.
The number of trades completed during the session and more.

Simply select your favorite chart, right-click on the chart, select "Strategies" and add TMAT to the chart.  Then enable TMAT from the Control Center.

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Features subject to change and/or enhancements at anytime.  All future upgrades are free to customers who maintain a TMAT license.


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