Black Box and Gray Box Automated Trading

About Us

TradersMojo is a Black Box and Gray Box automated trading strategy development company.

We offer Gray Box automated trading strategies with multiple built-in trade triggers and risk management features.  Each feature can be selected individually or combined and customized so that the strategy closely matches your trading style and risk tolerance.

We also offer automated Black Box scalping trade triggers, which are built into our flagship automated trading strategy.  These Black Box trade triggers can help you scalp trade your favorite contract.  With the built-in risk management features, you can fine-tune the strategy to a level of risk you are willing to accept.  These features can enable you to substantially mitigate your trading risk.

Imagine being able to set your "Profit Goal", "Loss Limit", and "Trade Triggers" for each trade session, as well as "Risk Management" features and then have an automated strategy trade for you.  Trade your plan without deviation!

No more sitting in front of your computer everyday watching every tick and wearing yourself out as you try to trade the markets.  Simply select which built-in trade triggers you want to use, set your risk management options, and let our automated strategy trade your plan or your bias.

We make that possible!

Also, if you have trade triggers that you would like to add to our automated strategy framework so you can utilize our built-in user customizable risk management and other features, we can make that happen for a minimal fee.

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The risk of loss in trading, automated trading, or any type of trading "online or otherwise" can be substantial.  Before you begin to trade stocks, futures, options, currencies, etc. you should familiarize yourself with the risk before you begin.  Trading of any type may not be suitable for you and there are absolutely no guarantees of success.  We do NOT offer account management services on this website.  Before trading with the brokerage of your choosing you must read their relevant risk disclosure statements, warnings, and disclaimers.