Black Box and Gray Box Automated Trading

Automate Yourself

Although TMAT1 and TMAT2 are powerful tools, you may want to utilize your own automated trade triggers.

If you know how to program you could probably complete a simple automated trading script that uses your trade triggers in a week or two.  But it would be difficult to complete all of the other requirements needed to have a full featured automated trading strategy with adjustable trade triggers, risk parameters, and the multitude of other features that TMAT offers.  How long would it take you to program and test a full featured automated trading strategy like TMAT, and what is your time worth?

TMAT-C (the "C" stands for Custom) is the product that solves the issue of spending months to years of programming and testing a full featured automated trading strategy.  Simply send us the code for your trade triggers or a description of how your trade triggers should work.  We can then add your custom trade triggers into the TMAT frameworkClick here to get started.

TMAT-C lets you enter the world of automated trading quickly with a full-featured automated strategy that uses your custom trade triggers, and at a cost far less than you would expect.


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