Black Box and Gray Box Automated Trading

The Trading Business

The trading business is similar to most businesses that buy and sell inventory.  In trading you take a position in a contract at a price you deem favorable for future improvement.  Then, if the contract (your inventory) improves in price, you can sell it for a gain.  However, if the contract you purchased fails to move in your direction and the price moves against you, you may take a loss.

Some differences between the trading business when compared to other small businesses:

1.  The cost to get started.  Many business franchises can cost $20,000 or more, just for the franchise fee.  Then you have leases to sign, employees to hire, inventory to stock, etc.  This can easily add up to $250,000 or more just to get started.  On the other hand, if you have a decent computer, you can open a futures trading account with $1000 and get started trading.

2.  The number of risk variables.  Business demand can wane, inventory can become obsolete, spoil, or be stolen, etc.  However, with trading, the price moves for you or against you, not much else matters.

3.  The degree at which you can control risks.  For most small businesses you can control some risks by limiting your exposure, your inventory, etc.  But as stated above, so many other risks can sink a small business.  With trading (if you have good self-discipline and risk management), you can greatly manage your risk by also limiting your exposure (number of contracts) and by using stop loss orders.  On some days after assessing market conditions, you can even decide to not trade that day.  You can also employ automated trading strategies such as TMAT to help you trade more successfully.

Think of TMAT as a tool.  As with any business you need tools, office machines, hand tools, a commercial oven, a bulldozer or whatever.  Having the "right tools" can obviously help you achieve a more successful outcome.  More importantly, having the right tools and "knowing how to use them" can greatly increase your chances of success.  That being said, TMAT was designed to be the easiest full featured "customizable" automated/semi-automated trading strategy available today on the NinjaTrader platform.

TradersMojo proudly offers the TMAT series of NinjaTrader add-ons in an effort to help you improve your trading.  While there is no guarantee of success when trading with TMAT or any other tool, we firmly believe that TradersMojo products can help many traders trade better and make their trading business a successful one.


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The risk of loss in trading, automated trading, or any type of trading "online or otherwise" can be substantial.  Before you begin to trade stocks, futures, options, currencies, etc. you should familiarize yourself with the risk before you begin.  Trading of any type may not be suitable for you and there are absolutely no guarantees of success.  We do NOT offer account management services on this website.  Before trading with the brokerage of your choosing you must read their relevant risk disclosure statements, warnings, and disclaimers.